Bobby is certified as a coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling Workshops

We all agree that it’s critical that what you say is memorable. That people remember what you say. Because that’s how you build a relationship. That’s how you get action. And that’s how you get results. Research shows that, through stories, people remember better than through any other medium. We are hard wired to be affected by stories and to remember them.

My storytelling workshops will teach you three things:

1) When to choose different kinds of stories - personal stories, cautionary tales, success stories, inspirational stories, fictional vs. historical, etc.

2) How to find stories. So many people have so many great stories, but don't have tools to draw them out, or to see that they can be used to make connections. And then, even more importantly, learning to see the power that these stories might have in a variety of settings. Begin by articulating the Point you are trying to make with your talk / meeting / engagement, and then finding / selecting a story that supports that point in a powerful and memorable way.

3) The nuts and bolts of storytelling - how to use visual / aural / digital details to make a story come alive; using the voice (pitch / tempo / volume); using a Pivot to make the connection between your story's point and the topic at hand, and how to create a bit of drama and/or mystery when telling a story.

Stories are a way for the brain to begin to remember everything. After 48 hours most people forget almost everything you have said, except they usually remember two things: the story and the point.

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